DOM Cloud Privacy Statement

  • Last updated: 26 September 2020 *

Thank you for entrusting DOM Cloud Hosting (“DOM Cloud”, “us”) with your website, and your personal information. Holding your personal information is a serious responsibility, and we want you to know how we handle it.

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and users; This policy tells us how we treat your personal information. This privacy policy governs how we collect, use, maintain and disclose information collected from visitors and users of this website.

Information we collect

** Personal information ** is any information that aims to identify a user’s use of the website. Examples of personal information include username and password, email address, cellphone number, full name and IP address.

We collect personal information from users through online forms when users order our products and services. Apart from these forms, we also collect information about how users use our website, use Cookies and Google Analytics, and we only use this information to analyze the performance of our website, without being able to identify who is using the website personally.

Personal Information you enter

Registration Data

When you register for the DOM Cloud portal, we ask for a number of biodata, namely your full name, email address and a valid cellphone number. We use this data to identify users so that we can fulfill orders for our products and services.

We may also use personal information collected through our Web site to contact users regarding products and services offered by DOM Cloud and its trusted affiliates, business partners, and vice versa to improve the user experience of DOM Cloud and its affiliates, and business partners. Personal information will not be sold or transferred to our business partners without your consent, except that we will disclose the information we collect to the government or other authorities if required by applicable laws and regulations.

Payment Data

When you register for a paid hosting account (premium), we send registration data, namely your full name, email address and cellphone number for our partner, iPaymu, to process your transaction. Please understand that, we do not process or store data for transactions, such as credit card, bank information or other transaction information from you, but our transaction partners process that information.

Data Domain and WHOIS

When you register a new domain for hosting purposes, we ask for additional data, such as your business name and your full address. Along with your registration data, we process it to our domain partner, ResellerCamp. The data is used for WHOIS purposes, so that other people can access the data as part of your responsibility to manage the domain. If you want to keep it secret, you can buy additional privacy protection if available.

Server and Hosting data

The files and databases that you store in the DOM Cloud are your assets and property. We will not modify, advertise, let alone share and sell your data stored on our servers, unless we are asked to do so by the government or other authorized parties if required by applicable laws and regulations.

Please understand that we do backups regularly, so that if you delete sensitive data on the server, your data will still be recorded in the backup archive for some time.

Other Important Information

Hosting Password

** Your hosting password is not encrypted **. Our hosting passwords are kept as is for the convenience of our service. We also use this password if at any time we need it to solve your hosting problems via WhatsApp questions or other media. For that we recommend that you use random characters for the password, don’t fill in a password that you still use on other login accounts.

Please understand that the hosting password is different from the ** portal account password ** that you entered when filling in the Registration data. For this password, of course we have encrypted it using a modern method and it is strong enough. We understand internet security standards in order to avoid hacks and other important data breaches; and maintaining your privacy is always our top priority.

How We Contact You

We use your email address as the primary means of notification; for example, when you make a purchase and when your hosting purchase period will expire. Official automatic email from DOM Cloud only uses the suffix and in that email always mentions your full name according to what you entered in the registration data.

If you want to ask a ticket question via WhatsApp which is listed in the lower right corner, then we will contact you with the same number when you asked the question. You can also contact us via email

Other Changes

We reserve the right to change this privacy statement, if needed; with or without notification with you. You can ask any questions regarding our privacy statement or our terms and conditions via the WhatsApp ticket available at the bottom right button of this website.

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