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Distruptive hosting provider for IT developers

How many views for the website that you want to create?

~ views / month

For average use of 256 KB / view


Price a year

See plan comparison details

Virtualmin Panel

Panel Manager that is simpler but not inferior to cPanel

Nginx Webserver

A faster and more efficient HTTP / HTTPS webserver than Apache

SSL Gratis

SSL verification for HTTPS using Let's Encrypt, always free

Dua Server Database

MariaDB or PostgreSQL? We support both

DNS Server

Set the nameserver here so you can manage DNS via the hosting panel

FTP Server

Apart from using the website, you can also manage files via FTP

SSH Server

Manage hosting or install applications via remote terminal

SQL Web Admin

You can edit the MariaDB or PostgreSQL database directly through the website

Script Deployments

Set up SSH commands via the website or use an existing template

Multi Language

Not only PHP, it can also be Python, Node.JS, Ruby, Go, Rust, etc.

Complete SSH Tool

Git, Composer, NPM, wget, nslookup, etc.; you can request if you want

Optimized by Default

HTTP / 2, Gzip, TLS v1.3, HTTP Cache; Everything is on by default

Free domain and hosting

A free plan with * is available for you to try

Can Use Free First

There is no need to pick your wallet if you are still in doubt

Clean Marketing

Storage and bandwidth rations are clearly within your budget

Many Payment Methods (soon)

You can pay with Paypal or Credit Card

One-click install scripts for many applications and frameworks

Ruby on Rails

Look for more templates

Digital Ocean

DOM Cloud is a Host service on top of Digital Ocean. This means, you get a high-grade uptime availability and we can focus on improving features.

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DOM Cloud

DOM Cloud is an innovative hosted service, designed to be simple and transparent.

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